Project Details


With the following dialogue, on a recent contract for our clients GF Tomlinson ltd, we were tasked with reinforcing a concrete floor from beneath. No cranes or genies! All over the top of some very powerful live transformers. The steel then needed to rotate through 90 degrees and be pushed tight up to the u/s of the ceiling.

Height clearance minimal!  Access extremely tight! The heavy steel members had to be threaded in through small high level windows!

Enter the BFG!

The BFG was a purpose built bespoke piece of lifting equipment. It comprised of the following:

A secure runway (to protect the transformers and give a small railway track to bogey the steel through the windows)

A reduced height bogey with a custom built jacking table. (To raise the steel to the underside of the ceiling)

A strong low height turntable, (to facilitate spinning the steel through 90 degrees once in the building over the transformer.)