Bravejoin are proud to have been a part of the new Staircraft site at Coventry for Steelwork Roofing & Cladding .

Bravejoin undertook a new extension 10 meters length 53.7 meter span to the existing warehouse. On the rear elevation we provided a canopy to the existing warehouse 36.2 meters length 7.8 meter span.

Whilst the works to the existing was under construction the foundations for the new 2680m2 bespoke factory had started.

Bravejoin team programmed each trade to follow on from each other for Steelwork Roofing & Cladding.

We split the building in to three phases to allow each trade to work safely together, Erection team started phase 1 working forward to phase 3 with sequenced deliveries for ease of congestion onsite. Once erection team had finished phase 1 the edge protection & netting followed to allow roofers to install roof on phase 1.

By the time erectors had reached phase 3 the roofers were well on the way with the installation of roof panels on phase 2 and the Cladding team had nearly the installation of wall sheets on phase 1.

We the Bravejoin team usually work this way to enable the client to commence finishing trades way before we complete our works, saving weeks to the overall programme.

Thank you to the Bravejoin team and everyone involved with this project its been a pleasure to work together to end up with a finished product that I feel speaks for itself, well done.

We look forward to the next project.

Staircraft Coventry

New Unit ISO

New unit 3

New unit 4

New unit 5

New unit 6

New unit 7

New unit 8

New unit 9

New unit 14

New unit 18

New unit 17

New unit 19

New unit 20

New unit 16

New unit 15

New unit 21

New unit 22

New unit 23

New unit 24

New unit 25

New unit 26

Extension 8

Extension 7

Extension 3

Extension 2

Extension 6

Extension 5

Extension 4

Extension 1

Extension 12

Extension 11

Extension 10

Extension 9

Extension 17

Extension 15

Extension 16

Canopy 11

Canopy 10

Canopy 9

Canopy 8

Canopy 7

Canopy 6

Canopy 5

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Canopy 1